Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie by Pizza Hut

I had been planning to order the seemingly gooey Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie by Pizza Hut and finally got the chance to order it the other day. The oversized Hershey’s chocolate cookie by pizza hut is a limited edition dessert offering eight pieces of beautifully sliced cookies which are packaged resembling a pizza. I am going to review it on a couple of points below: Packaging: The dessert comes in a cardboard pizza box which is  light and well suited for eight pieces of 8″ cookies! IMAG0022 Texture: The cookies have a soft, smooth texture instead of crusty, flakier finish. I was especially happy with the oh so apparent and rich chocolate chips sprinkled over the top. The appearance was golden and fresh exactly as shown in the promotional photos. IMAG0023 Taste: One word, “gooey”! The slices are freshly baked, warm and spot on tasty! The taste was intact even the next day when I warmed the slices in microwave. IMAG0024 Quantity: The box contains thick slices of eight freshly baked cookies. The quantity is quite generous and good enough for 8 to 9 people, only unless you are a cookie junkie! I munched two in a row *chuckles* IMAG0021   Price: The Pizza Hut Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie is for Rs 649 which is a bit much but worth trying. Will I buy it again? Yes, probably when I invite my friends over next time! Tell me if how you find it! Happy munching! 🙂



FUSAMM Pvt Ltd. in partnership with D L NASH Pvt Ltd. has launched “FUSAMM AQUA LAWN collection” for 2015. The exhibition took place at Dolmen City Mall Karachi showcasing fun spring color palettes.

fusam 1
photo repost
fussam 2
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Given the plethora of lawn exhibitions and launches happening after every other day, it gets difficult to choose amongst the collection which is both alluring and worth the money. The collection promises “high quality lawn with vibrant colors, new designs for an elegant and contemporary woman of today”. The brand has launched a fully functional e commerce store (visit here http://www.fusamm.com/). I have rounded up a few designs which grabbed my attention most. Have a look.



thumb__MG_3170_4369_1024 thumb__MG_3290_4488_1024

thumb__MG_3384_4581_1024Celebrating the launch, there is a limited 20% discount offer going on which the fans can avail. The lawn is also available on TCS Connect.

Multani Mud and Rose Water Mask-A Handy Beauty Routine


I am sure some of you must not like spending extensive time in performing beauty rituals daily, but Multani mud and rose water mask is a convenient summer beauty ritual you can opt for.  I apply this mask quite often before hitting hay especially when my skin feels dull and exhausted after a tiresome day.  There are a few reasons why I use rose water to make the mixture instead of adding tap water.

  • Multani mud coupled with rose water helps detoxifying and cleansing pores.
  • The toning property of rose water and oil soaking effect of Multani mud improves skin texture leaving it supple and blemish free.
  • rose water keeps sensitive skin from going dry since Multani mud has a tightening effect on skin.

So here are a few simple steps to follow this beauty routine:

  1. Wash your face with warm water as it will open the pores and support the action of mud.
  2. Take one tbsp of mud and add rose water up to making a fine paste
  3. Leave on for about fifteen minutes or until the mud has hardened
  4. I prefer sponging off the mud first to make washing if off easily.
  5. Wash off the face with cold water to seal the open pores
  6. Apply any moisturizer suitable to your skin type

I hope you find this beauty tip hassle free and effective. Feel free to share your beauty routine, you never know I might be missing a ritual more handy and effectual than this!

Stay beautiful! 🙂

“Jal The Band” launches “Tere Baajon” official Video

Jal The Band recently launched the official music video of “Tere Baajon”. Regardless of all the past hiatus in the band, and the absence of two major lead vocalists, Goher Mumtaz has kept the band alive.

The song which is already heaping praise amongst the audience was launched at Orrery, Karachi. Goher has sung the song and acted as a lead in the video as well, whereas  Azan Sami Khan has directed it. I specially liked the black and white classical set up of the video. Watch it below and tell me what you liked most?


Liberty Books Spring Festival

All the bookworm in Karachi, I am planning to visit the Liberty Books spring fair coming saturday so thought of sharing it with you!

The fair is taking place at The Forum Mall Karachi, offering an assortment of countless books, pretty discounts, cash back vouchers and events for children. If you have not visited yet, its not too late as the fair goes on till May 5, 2015.

You can visit the event page here https://www.facebook.com/events/879410858842706/